• Lomon Overview

    福彩3d开奖直播_福彩3d走势图下载_福彩3d开机号, founded by Sichuan Lomon Corporation in 2000, has 5,500 employees, including 680 professionals and technicians. With annual capacity of 360,000 tons, Lomon ranks the largest rutile titanium dioxide pigment supplier in China.
    Lomon Titanium Industry is approved by national standard GB1706-93, GB/T28001-2001, international standard ISO9001:2008 AND ISO 14001:2004. The products are widely performed in painting, paper, ink, plastic, rubber and auto-paint industries.
    Lomon Titanium Industry integrates with local resources, proceeds with advanced technology and equipment to provide the best products and service based on environment-friendly principals. It aims to become a fully integrated value chain Chinese TiO2 producer with the lowest cost and higher quality.

  • ACFTU Vice President Li Shiming and his entourage to Lomon occupational disease prevention research

  • Published Jan 13,2015